KD SOUNDSYSTEM is a five-man song, dance, MC and DJ crew. We are known for our Afro-Caribbean beats, unique live shows and a ton of diversity. Everything we do is grounded in a deep respect for the music we all love.

KD SOUNDSYSTEM effortlessly combines Dancehall/Reggae, Soca, Baile Funk and Afro-beats with Dance, Bass and Hiphop. The result? A unique, genre-transcending act with all-round productions and sexy stage work. Good vibes only!

Rimboe Riddim EP 2

From Amsterdam
to the World

KD SOUNDSYSTEM starts 2018 well with a refreshing EP full of tropical productions.RIMBOE RIDDIM EP2: AMSTERDAM TO THE WORLD, KD SOUNDSYSTEM brings together many tropical styles into one unique sound. The countdown to summer has begun!

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KD Soundsytem

Rob van den Bosch
+31 202 333 679

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